Aberdeen Drilling Consultants’ (ADC) new software product Risk-Elimin8™ was nominated as one of six finalists in the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) Product Innovation Awards for 2003. The awards were presented by Sir John Cullen, president of the BSIF, and former chair of the Health and Safety Commission. ADC’s managing director Douglas Hay said “We have had enormous interest in Risk-Elimin8 this year and we are excited at the prospect of helping to create a safer environment.

TRAMS software v2.0, developed by ADC, was released in spring 2002, having undergone major redevelopment over the past year.

TRAMS has had great success within the Oil & Gas Industry to date. Using ADC’s accumulated experience it was decided that a redevelopment of TRAMS should be undertaken to make additional improvements and increase the scope and versatility of the software.

For the unacquainted, TRAMS was originally a software based solution for managing the data generated during drilling rig audits. The TRAMS system was built around a core system of detailed checklists, which allow for the easy identification of problem areas.

This core system is key to the operation of TRAMS, and has the flexibility to be used in any industry that has multiple assets and a requirement for auditing at levels such as technical, safety, QA etc.